Small • Young • Male

More info:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
Happy lives up to his name. He loves people and enjoys playing with dogs his size. Happy is indifferent to the cats at his foster house. He isn't a Velcro dog, he is content to be near you but isn't the kind of dog that insists on being held or sitting on your lap. He doesn't bark outside, the few times he does bark is when his meals are being prepared as if to say "hurry up". He is not food aggressive but does tend to wander while he eats so if there are other dogs it would be best to feed him in another room and to close the door until he is done. He is a tripod, his back leg was amputated when Guardian Angel's vet determined it was not able to be saved. He gets along just fine without it, but does need help up and down stairs. This is the other time he barks, when he wants to come up or go down the stairs to be where you are. He is 90% house trained but is crate trained and is crated when his foster family is not home. Happy is a all-around great dog and will be a joy to have in your family. Please call 734-516-2171 or text 734-788-6857 for more details.